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Our Buyer Questionnaire will help you consider many more aspects of your home purchase than just bedrooms and bathrooms.  Do you want to live in the city or the country?  What plans should we make for your pets?  Do you need to find schools or clubs?  And, what kind of commute can you tolerate?  

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5 reasons to buy a home for your college student

College room and board is expensive! Pay yourself that rent money by buying a home for your student. 


Everyone hates association fees...or do they?

In Hawaii, it's most important to understand what you get in return. 


PCS to Hawaii - Hire a military relocation professional

A certification is great, but on Oahu, any buyer can find a Realtor with actual military experience. 


The Collection townhomes

Why have these not sold out?  Where else can you buy a NEW townhome with a two car garage, a private rooftop deck, and over 2800sf in Honolulu under $2M?  

You can't. 


PCS to Hawaii: Live on base or off base?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities in a military career to live on base, and I understand the tendency to play it safe. But, I encourage you to try something new, experience this place fully, and embrace your time in Hawaii. You may even fall in love with it and choose to extend your tour or return for retirement.