Where Do You Vacation When You Live in Paradise?

Sunshine, ocean, rainbows, and umbrella drinks are a regular part of life. Socks and mittens are not. After growing up in the snowy Midwest, wearing a parka over my Halloween costume and Easter dress, I know how fortunate I am. A popular phrase here is “Lucky We Live Hawaii,” implying we don’t just live IN Hawaii, we LIVE the Hawaii way, with Aloha.

So, when Hawaii residents take a vacation, where do we go?

1. We Visit Family. Hawaii residents spend a lot of vacation dollars traveling to the U.S. Mainland, Canada, or Asian countries to visit extended family. So, we don’t often choose where we go on vacation, but it’s a reasonable trade. Recently, as a compromise, I coordinated to meet my parents who live in Florida, in California so we both got to see a new spot.

2. North. When it’s hot in Hawaii, going north to a cold climate can be refreshing. Alaska, Vancouver, Jackson Hole, and other snowy spots are popular. I recently re-lived my frigid childhood by warming up the car and scraping the ice off the windshield in Whistler, British Columbia.  One week was enough winter for me.

3. Vegas, Baby! Hawaii’s infatuation with “the 9th island” runs deep. Vegas is a comparatively cheap and easy getaway spot, and plenty of Hawaii expats make Vegas different enough, but still familiar.

4. Asia. If you’re from the U.S. Mainland or Canada, Hawaii is about halfway to Asia, both geographically and culturally, so continuing west seems easy. My children took Chinese and Japanese language classes in school, and later we visited those countries with an educational tour group for a reasonable rate.

5. Down Under. While Australia and New Zealand are still a 10 hour or more plane ride from Hawaii, they’re not nearly as far as from the Mainland U.S., and there are even a few direct flights available..

6. Other Hawaiian Islands. For a weekend getaway, try another island. You’ll be amazed at the variety of scenery and the differences between each island. The Big Island of Hawaii is lava coated in some areas, snow covered mountain in others, and has high prairies with livestock, too. Kauai has The Grand Canyon of the Pacific at Waimea Canyon, and Maui's Haleakala looks like the surface of the moon, yet is just down the road from lavender and strawberry farms.

When Hawaii residents need a vacation, we have some fantastic options for traveling. There’s a lot that can’t be beat about this place, though, and we truly are lucky we are living the Hawaii Life!

Want to Know More?

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