Hawaii Military Life: How to Sell Your Home When You PCS

If you’re PCS’ing from Hawaii and own a homeselling it before you move can be challenging considering the logistics involved. How do you make sure you have the best experience when you sell? Call a Realtor. I happen to be one…And I happen to have PCS’d many times.

Anyone in the military has probably been introduced to the concept of backward planning. The day the mission is executed is “D day” and all time calculations are based off of that. We’ll call the day you wave goodbye to Honolulu from the airplane “D Day.”

A Timeline For Sellers

Here's a general timeline of events to successfully sell your home prior to D Day. This schedule is flexible depending on your situation, but it's most important to have a good plan.

D -120

To learn about your situation and make recommendations about any repairs or improvements you should (or should NOT) accomplish, we'll visit your home about 120 days before you leave to get an idea of condition and features.  We'll line up any help you need get your home ready to sell.  We also explain the paperwork involved in listing your home for sale. Of course, this can be done less than 120 days in advance if you receive orders unexpectedly, and for planning purposes you may prefer to have this conversation more than 120 days in advance.

Beware any agent who walks in the door with an exact number in mind!  They have not taken the condition and improvements in your home, nor your personal situation into consideration.

D -119

After visiting your home we’ll provide you a complete market value assessment for your property, showing you how much other homes have sold for, how long it took them to sell, and how they compare in condition and features to yours.  

We’ll recommend a price range for listing your property based on the current market.  We’ll also provide a detailed list of the expenses involved in selling your home, such as commissions, title and escrow fees, and transfer taxes, so you know how much money you can expect to have to purchase a home at your next duty station.  

If you’re planning to buy another home, we’ll also interview a few military focused Realtors at your next duty station and recommend the best fit.  We keep a list on hand.  You can now start getting familiar with your new station and the homes available in your price range.

D -90 to D -60

Depending on how quickly the homes in your neighborhood are selling, We'll list your home for sale in this timeframe. The week before we list you’d need to have any repairs made, your personal items “de-cluttered” and stored, and the home clean and ready for photographs. We walk you through that entire process and help with staging, so your home is as beautiful possible, which earns you the most money in a sale.  Don't worry if it seems overwhelming.  We're here to help.

Prior to D Day, you’re welcome to have the movers pack your household goods, move to temporary housing, ship your cars, and any other out-processing tasks whenever you like. We’ll plan that together to best suit your needs.

D -15

By this date, you’ve signed the deed transfer paperwork on your Hawaii home and are ready to close the sale. If you’ve decided to leave early, we work with the escrow officer to provide a mobile notary who will come to you, wherever you are, making your life easy.

D Day

All you have to do is get yourself, your whole family, your pets, your 42 checked bags, and one last case of pineapples onto the plane. Easy, right?

D + 10

By this time you’re on leave en route or you’re signing into your new unit and you're boots on the ground with a new Realtor looking for your next home. The money from your sale is safely in your bank, your VA Certificate of Eligibility has been restored.  Now you’re ready to make an offer on your next home.